Franklin Transit Authority Offers On-Demand Interpreting Services with LanguageLine

In an effort to make it easier for all members of the community to use the Franklin Transit Authority’s services, we are excited to partner with LanguageLine, a service that offers on-demand access to interpreters in more than 240 languages.

LanguageLine was the first company to provide over-the-phone interpreting starting in the 80s, and to this day they are the global leader in phone interpreting services, providing 40 million interactions every year.

When a person needs assistance communicating with Franklin Transit employees, they can access an interpreter on-demand through a video or audio format. Video interpreting is available in 41 languages, including American Sign Language, and over-the-phone interpreting is available in more than 240 languages. 

Upon entering the Franklin Transit office, customers presenting a language barrier will be directed to use a tablet equipped with the LanguageLine services. From there, the customer can choose their desired language and method of communication. They will then be connected with a live interpreter to assist in communication between the customer and Franklin Transit employees. The on-demand translating services help to ensure that all customers are capable of utilizing Franklin Transit with ease.

We’re proud of the way this service will allow us to communicate effectively with all of our customers, and make it simpler than ever for them to get where they need to go without stress or confusion. 

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